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Milwaukee Sting Team shirts

There are 5 design themes for the 2020 team shirts. Aloha, Family, Honeycomb, Road Trip and Wisconsin. (Scroll down to see the designs.) Please provide your team name, team roster, (as you'd like it on the shirt), and a quote, hashtag or mantra that describes your team. Once you've submitted the form, a link to your team shirt will be sent to the contact email provided. Families order on their own and the items are shipped FREE to their homes. The team design will be available in a multitude of print and color options, from all over, cut and sewn long sleeves, front and back traditional print, and single-sided traditional print. The costs are listed below. 

Team Information
Team Theme Selection


All over print long sleeve: $39.99

All over print t-shirt: $35.99

Long sleeve traditional: $27.99

Tri-Blend T-Shirt traditional: $25.99

Premium T-Shirt traditional: $23.99

Standard T-Shirt traditional: $21.99

Youth T-Shirt traditional: $19.99

Add $4 to the traditional shirts for print on back and front

Frisco Mo picks up the shipping charge. It’s a code built into the link. If for some reason, it doesn’t automatically load, you can enter in manually at check out. Look for a line of type that says, “I HAVE A PROMO CODE,” click and enter FREESHIP.

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