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Part 6: That Other Trademark

I started Frisco Mo with 24 t-shirt designs. Five of them were really good, the rest, meh. But you've got to start to start. Every day I'd sit down at this computer and read, sketch and work. I can't say how this idea came to me. I think I just liked the idea of the letter G representing a girl with a plumeria behind her ear. I thought the type was simple and clean and that it really told a story, I'm a girl and I play volleyball. Or love volleyball. Or love people who play volleyball. I posted this very picture and had nearly 100 shares. 100! That was a HUGE deal. It's still a HUGE deal. I don't think I've approached that number on a social media post since.

During this early Frisco Mo time, I couldn't get traction on ads or posts or really anything. I blame it on the name. Frisco Mo? I bet most people only saw, "Sponsored," or were completely confused by anything called Frisco Mo. Today, when a t-shirt comes up on your feed, 99% of the time it's from some t-shirt mill in Vietnam that recreates that design in every sport, hobby, job or interest you can imagine. So, Volleyball Mom is also, Soccer Mom, Mom of a Nurse, Mom to the Greatest Plumber in the World... lol. The list goes on. I know everyone that saw, or even read my post, figured I too am just another t-shirt hawker from Vietnam. Not so! I live in Wisconsin, I don't design things for anything but volleyball and I completely dislike all t-shirt sellers in Vietnam. Thieves! But that's another story. I decided to Trademark the name VolleyGirl and establish a second Facebook page under that brand. I've wavered this past year about it's importance and relevance and have decided to give VolleyGirl a voice of her own. The VolleyGirl line will start taking shape in the months ahead. And that too, is another story.

This shirt got me followers. It's a favorite of mine. Simple and clever. Just like me.

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