• Lisa

Number 8: Hands of Love

I look at everything I do with Frisco Mo as an art project. The second shirt idea really was all art. We have a saying here in the family that can be traced back to the old days of the late Eighties when my husband was playing on the beach. When you make that perfect set, we shout out, "HANDS OF LOVE!" I could see the design in my mind. I needed to draw hands that were literally made of the the word love. One of my favorite classes at UH was typography. We spent an entire semester learning about type. In fact, we spent one whole week scribing the letter S. I used to have the giant book of fonts, now I can use the computer as my resource. I wanted a font that was drawn. That had energy and motion and could be adjusted in different sizes and help to illustrate the human hand. The ball was another challenge. I didn't want it to be too visually heavy. Halftone! This design is a classic and I've adjusted it to work in different languages, Hands of Aloha for Hawaii, Hands of Gold, (Mãos do ouro), for Brazil. So there it is. Next time you see a perfect set, remember to yell out, "HANDS OF LOVE!"