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7: Family Volleyball Project

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Frisco Mo's first design began as a family project. I don't know about you, but to get my kids and husband to sit and visit with me isn't always easy. I like details. And to gab. They like to watch sports. Eat. Drink. And never share the details of a story, event or day. So, in order to get them gab a bit with me, I printed out a periodic table and asked for their help turning it into a periodic table of volleyball. When we began, I thought it was important to have every element relating exactly as it is to volleyball. For example, H, hydrogen, would be Hit. Or, K, potassium, would be Kill. That lasted a few days as they all lost interest in my project. It was getting tough figuring volleyball terms for Vanadium, Meitnerium or Niobium. Volleyball is a lot of things, but now with rally scoring, it's certainly not Bohrium. Time to simplify the project, "This is art, not science, so break the rules." I condensed the number of elements, worked in color grouped them in accordance of volleyball specs. For example, the dark gray elements are all of the positions with setter as number one. (Can you tell there are a couple of setters in our family?) The blue along the bottom are beach volleyball elements. And the dark green relate to serves. Once I got it into the computer, the fam gave some final input and Frisco Mo's first volleyball shirt was ready to go. I still love it. It's the most popular Frisco Mo design and can be found on canvases, pillows, bags, the Volleyball Life Blanket and for sure shirts and hoodies. There's one element that garners a bunch of head scratching and Facebook comments. It's element #40, Ah, Aloha Ball. In Hawaii, match point is the aloha ball. Goodbye opponents and hello win!

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