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Entry Two - No More Volleyballs as the Letter O

In the continuing Get to Know Frisco Mo Saga, let’s learn why I started this company. Two years ago, my kids were all jazzed up for back-to-school shopping and our conversation went something like this... “Mom, can we get some volleyball shirts?” “Absolutely. Let’s google.” Well here is what we found. Every shirt had this sort of variation.... M🏐M V🏐LLEYBALL L🏐VE LETS G🏐 You get the idea. Not much on the creative front and the letter O was always a vollleyball. (See, to learn my feelings on that.) So I said, “I’ll just make you some.” And then the mister said, “why don’t you try selling them?” The rest is volleyball shopping history. So, it began because of my family. And it continues because this old lady really loves being creative and hopes that one day, when people think volleyball fun, they think Frisco Mo. (Here are the first four shirts I designed, two long years ago.)

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