• Lisa

Christmas in July

2020 has been a great year for Frisco Mo. Who would have thought? We were in the right place at the right time for the face mask boom in April. We kept the pedal down on mask sales through September. We worked every single day from April to August, earning enough to get busy manufacturing our own gear. That is pretty cool. Typically, around this time, I'd be preparing for holiday sales - getting ads ready, developing new ideas and wondering how much I should spend on advertising each day. This year, I'm not. We had our Christmas in July. I'm going to take the rest of the year to have some fun. (We all need more of it! See #volloween)

I've also made some decisions about Frisco Mo. First, I'll keep everything available on Teespring and Amazon forever. They will always be available. However, moving ahead, new stuff will be limited edition runs and will focus on a curated collection. I'm getting Winter 2020 ready now. I'm also going to really define Frisco Mo as the brand for beach volleyball - gals and guys - and boys volleyball. I'm not abandoning the girls indoor game, just focusing in on what's all around me. I am a believer in doing what you know. I know beach and boys. I've been married to a beach player/indoor player for 30 years. We've been all over for matches, tournaments and leagues. Now, we have 5 boys hanging around and dozens more that pop in to play, eat and enjoy all of the time. Girls are starting to come around too, - YAY! says this boy mom that loves gabbing with the girls. They will be the helpers I'll need to guide the girls beach line. (And hopefully, find the right girl to take over the VolleyGirl brand and build what they know - girls indoor.) I'm excited for the fun ahead and for some relaxing family fun. Bring it 2021!