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Frisco Mo. Volleyball? Are you in Missouri? I've heard that more than you'd think. People also ask if I'm based out of Frisco, Texas. Both sound like lovely places, however, I'm based in Wisconsin, and the Frisco in my name comes from the tiny beach town of Frisco, North Carolina. My sister lives in Nags Head and a few summers back we were visiting as an island had formed off of Cape Hatteras. It was all over the news, the Today Show was even there. I love pop culture and history, so, there was no stopping me from seeing it. We loaded up the kids, overpacked the Xterra and were ready to walk a mile to cross the channel to stand on the newly formed Shelly Island. Once we parked and unloaded the clown car of madness, an old-timer in a navy pick up stopped, shook his head and said, "what are you all doin'?" He offered a ride down the beach, we piled in and arranged a ride back. (We could have walked that mile, but it was sure nice to have a ride.) On the way back, my sister and I sat up front with him and talked story. He told us about his life. Born in Maryland, boarding school, Florida, starting this business, that business, racing cars, falling on his face and getting back up and on to something new. It was a great story. Back at the parking lot, we thanked him. I shook his hand and said, "I'm Lisa." He returned, "I'm Frisco Mo."

And I knew it right then. If I'd ever start a business, it'd be called Frisco Mo. That story of trying and failing and getting back up to try again. It's perfect. And it's really what this whole thing is about.

Here's a photo of the gang on Shelly Island, it doesn't exist any more, it’s been gobbled back up by the sea.

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