• Lisa

2020 Yo.

Once the world stopped, I really thought that it was going to be the end of my, "let's start a volleyball brand" challenge. I was geared up and happy selling stickers each day. I was prepared for the Badger Region Championships to sell a bit and still watch our boys compete. I was having fun. Then things stopped. That gave me some extra time to run down to a new printer I'd found thanks to a volleyball friend and pick up his son's jersey. I, like our sons, am a very good listener. While I was there, introducing myself to the crew, I heard, "face mask something something face mask." I didn't think much of it until the jersey was picked up and our friend said, "face mask something something face mask." The wheels began to turn. So I pulled up some art files for Milwaukee Sting, Badger Region, Florida Region and JVA. While I was working, (I work from 9pm to around midnight on designs), a friend sent me a text that went something like this, "face mask something something face mask." When the universe hits you over the head, you listen. Plus, I was a devout Dr. Birx press conference follower. So I pitched the idea to the organizations. It landed with a complete thud everywhere except Milwaukee Sting. We both believed the same thing, that it is a little thing to do to be courteous to those that may be more freaked out than others. So when the world stopped outside, our home and this volleyball family business took off. I've got capital now to manufacture my own gear and hold that inventory so you'll get things faster. I love the leggings we've landed on. They truly are the best leggings you will ever wear. We're getting there on the volley shorts. And I hope Patrick is reading this, because bucket hats are going to be my next let's get this done focus. Our beach towels are fun and soft and fantastic. The neck gaiters are awesome. And the face mask something something face masks are the best, most comfortable, breathable, fun in a not so fun category. What a wild ride. Heartfelt thanks to all of you! Lisa

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