gear made on demand

How does it work?

Think technology Etsy. You choose the item, color, size and style you’d like and then it’s made. Each design is one-of-a-kind and made just for you.

Any shopping tips?

Yes! Use the menu to navigate quickly between categories. Read the size charts. And have fun looking at all of the stuff.

How long does it take?

Your items will arrive in about two weeks. (Stickers, facemarks and neck gaiters take about a week.We have those here in our home office HQ..) Each item has a unique order number that allows you to track its progress. Your emailed receipt lists that order number, the tracking info and expected delivery date.

Hey! I didn’t get an emailed receipt.

No worries. You can get another.

TEESPRING: Recover your orders securely by entering your email address here.

SQUARE: Email and we'll send it your way.

What’s the shipping charge?

TEESPRING: See shipping info at the bottom of each item's description. SQUARE: Flat rate shipping of $3.75 per order.

Is there rush delivery?

Rush delivery is available on some of the t-shirts, hoodies and long sleeves. It costs an arm and a leg. You have only 2 arms and 2 legs. plan ahead and save your money!

Help! Only part of my order has arrived.

Not to worry! Each item is produced at different manufacturing facilities. The tops come from Kentucky, the blankets North Carolina, all over print stuff, California, etc. As items are completed, they are shipped. Don't worry if only part of your order arrives, the rest is on its way. Remember, you can always check that items status and tracking with its unique order number from your confirmation email..

How about a guarantee?

TEESPRING guarantees the quality of the gear for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your items, let them know and they’ll make it right. Simply follow the instructions on your emailed receipt, or, please contact Teespring here. You’ll be given a Case ID number immediately and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

SQUARE: Frisco Mo guarantees the items in our Square Shop. If you have any issues, contact us and we'll make it right.