Frisco Mo Is About Looking and Doing Good


From Volleyball USA Magazine Summer 2015

Pink Panthers Developing Boys Beyond the Game


No club is like the Pink Panthers. The one-team boys' volleyball organization that got its start with the 2014-15 season is founded on three key principles: 

• Working hard

• Having fun

• Making a difference

Nowhere in their philosophy does the word volleyball even come up. And that's because, as club founder Lisa Deppe said, these principles can be applied to any organization, sports group, theater department or traveling team. "We want to emphasize character building and interpersonal and communication skills," Deppe said. "We are trying to find a way to motivate young people to do something more. It's not just about playing sports. These kids shoveled snow, bussed tables, washed dishes, raked leaves – along with loads of other jobs – to earn over $11,000 for our local cancer center. That amount was matched by local businesses and paid for their team dues, tournament fees and court time."

The Pink Panther model is the backbone of Frisco Mo. The idea that doing good should be rewarded continues to drive my belief that kids can learn important life skills from working, earning and playing. If you're a senior volleyball player and a member of the Badger Region, tell me about the good you're doing for an opportunity to earn a $500 scholarship. The Do Good Award is presented each year to one boy and one girl.