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Bulk Face mask Program

These face masks are:

• 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

• Soft, Ultra-Lightweight, Easy to Breath, Won't Fog Glasses

• Single Solid Piece of Fabric

• Comfort Fit Nose, Chin and Ear Support

• Snug and Comfortable

• Machine Wash / Tumble Dry

• One Size Fits both Youth and Adults

• Non-Medical Face Mask

• Made in the USA

• Shipped to You From Frisco Mo's HQ in WI

The Details

• Custom minimum order: 32 per design (This includes your logo in the area that says, "Your Logo Here") If you'd like a completely custom design, let me know in the form below 

• Additional masks after minimum order per design must be increments of 32

• So long as you meet those minimum requirements, you can order as many designs as you'd like

• Masks begin at $6 each. Please ask for the price breaks for quantities over 512. 

• Flat rate shipping begins at $10. It is based on the quantity ordered, weight determines cost

• Contact me about a custom design or choose from the five designs above: Aloha, Take Me to the Beach, Happy, Better Together and More Fun Than a Face Mask Full of Monkeys

• Frisco Mo will need a vector file of your logo. Please share it via Google Drive  or email it to info@friscomo.com

• Orders invoiced by Frisco Mo and must be paid in full to make the print run

• Frisco Mo will provide a proof, invoice and collect via PayPal, Venmo, ACH or Credit Card

Bulk Frisco Mo Face Masks

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

By purchasing Frisco Mo Face Masks you understand and agree....

• That these face masks are NON MEDICAL masks
• That these face masks should not be used in a medical setting
• That you, the customer, accepts full responsibility for the care, maintenance and use of the mask
• That your purchase releases Frisco Mo, JVA and their partners from any and all liabilities, injuries and damages from now until the end of time

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