Here's what we're not: volleyball posers from overseas selling you a, "My Cat and Volleyball" t-shirt. Here's what we are: a Wisconsin volleyball lifestyle family business, with a hard working mom, who appreciates clever design and great customer service. Everything here is designed by me. Hi, I'm Lisa! Frisco Mo designs are original, all volleyball and only here.

Our roots go back to the University of Hawaii, where my husband played volleyball and I ran cross country. Our boys are volleyball crazy, can't stand long-distance running and wanted to represent their love for the game. There wasn't much out there for them to wear, so we started making our own. We began by designing t-shirts for ourselves and began selling shirts online. Then decided, Frisco Mo designs looked good hanging around the house, so we started creating decor for your home - posters, pillows and blankets. We added stickers, beach towels and are now manufacturing our own volley shorts and leggings right here in the USA.

We are driven to make life fun, give back and keep our growing kids close. (Many of the ideas come from them.) We love this stuff and hope you do too! - Lisa

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