About Frisco Mo


This all started because my volleyball playing kids wanted to wear volleyball t-shirts that didn't use a volleyball as the letter O. 


Our roots go back to the University of Hawaii, where my husband played volleyball and I ran cross country. Our boys are volleyball crazy, can't stand long-distance running and want to represent their love for the game. There wasn't much out there for them to wear, so we started making our own. First for ourselves, then our friends and now for all of you. Between Amazon and Teespring, Frisco Mo has some of the best volleyball apparel, accessories and decor around. Take a look for yourself, they're clever, unique and available in a ton of sizes, styles and colors. 

We are driven to make life fun, give back and keep our growing kids close. We love this stuff and hope you do too. And I promise, you're not going to find a volleyball as the letter O. (It's my volleyball public service campaign!) Lisa 

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